TANISA Rice paper - Vietname Spices Specialties- Seasonning Powder - Your best choice for Vietnamese Foods !

TANISA Rice paper - Spices Specialties- Seasonning Powder - Your best choice for Vietnamese Specialties !


Tanisa Organic Brown Rice Vermicelli Noodles

  • 16-04-2019

Brown Rice vermicelli (Bún) are thin rice-flour noodles common in Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai and other Southeast Asian cuisines, where they are often used in stir-fries, soups, spring rolls, and salads. ★Instructions for use: Wash with fresh water Cook vermicelli in boiled water for 6-8 minutes Take out and wash again with fresh water Mix up with a little oil with drained vermicelli before use Use with spring rolls or hot pot ★Ingredients: 100% Organic Brown Rice starch, water ★Storage instruction: Store in a dry, clean and airy place. Close the bag after use.

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How to make fresh spring rolls rice paper with vegetables & fruits ?

  • 05-04-2019

- ORGANIC spring roll rice paper, Certified by USDA & EU. - GLUTEN FREE, NON- MGO Spring Roll Wrapper. Suitable for Vegeterians. Great food for diet with low Carb. - 12 Oz per Package, approximately 40 sheets in each package. - Easy to use for FRESH SPRING ROLL WRAPPER... - 100% money back guarantee. Premium quality. Made in Vietnam.

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Tips to buy Vietnamese ricpaper

  • 29-07-2016

Vietnamese Rice Paper Buying Tips Let me start: Buying rice paper bewilders me. At whatever point I need to buy rice paper (bánh tráng) I wind up remaining in the Chinese or Vietnamese business sector gazing at the different brands. There are things that I search for in the marking and there are brands that I lean toward. Nonetheless, there are typically such a variety of various brands and a few sorts that it's difficult to pick. Besides, hyper-focused entrepreneurial makers always change their items to pull in clients so there is by all accounts something new to consider and attempt each time I search for rice paper. Since I'm interested by nature, I tend to purchase a few sorts and test drive them.

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