Q&A for Clients

This is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answers on rice paper orders




What is the purpose of the rice paper you use for? To sell for retail /supermaket, in restaurant or to use for making rolls at the factory?

If you sell in restaurant, we propose that the simple and bigger packaging shall be cheaper for you such as 1kg/bag or more.

If you sell in retail such as supermarkets, groceries stores, the packaging shall be smaller and will be more costly due to packaging design.

If you use in factory to make spring rolls, the bigger & simple packaging such as 5kg/bag shall be cheaper for you.  

What type of rice paper are you looking for? Deep-fried or spring/summer/fresh rolls?

Different types of rice paper wrapper specifically formulated to meet certain requirement for each use. 

What makes the difference?

Rice paper used to make fresh rolls need to be more flexible for wrapping, so adding more tapioca flour is required. The ingredient list should be approximately: 80% tapioca starch, 20% rice flour & salt.  

Rice paper used to make deep-fried rolls need to be crispier so that the spring rolls does not stick together when being fried.The ingredient list should be approximately: 80% rice flour, 20% tapioca starch & salt.

What is the FOB/CIF price of rice paper?

In order for us to quote you accordingly, we need to know your requirements in details such as:

  • How much the quantity you want?
  • How many gram/ bag?
  • How many kgs/carton box?
  • What is the material of the bag as well as the design, also how many tons of each size you want?

(Normally our MOQ starts at around 3 tons because the production per each day is 2-3 tons/day. We can assist you for trial order with less than MOQ but should not be less than 500kgs for one size)

On the other hand, if you want 1 container, then we can mix 16,18,22cm together.
Do you accept OEM/private label?
Yes, we can perform OEM but the quantity should meet our MOQ, because our suppliers also require the MOQ of bags,box,etc., 
If you order as our standard brand, Tanisa, we can calculate more quickly and offer better price quote. But if you want OEM, such info listed above should be required for us to quote accordingly.

For casting cyclinder inquiry for packaging design, the bags shall reach MOQ of min 30,000-40,000 bags per printing order depend on the supplier's requirements.