TANISA is the famous brandname in Vietnam market regarding to Vietnamese rice paper. We have not only provided products for Vietnam market but also export market.


Rice Paper is the wisdom of the people through life Vietnam, is the result of hard work, relentless many generations. Each finished product is not only the product, but also the hearts of the 'artisan' here.

Rice paper is a product not only famous throughout Vietnam, but also exported many countries around the world. This is the clearest proof of the quality and extent of the prestige of Vietnam exports rice paper.

The main ingredients are rice flour cakes. Vietnamese rice paper fragrant rice, chewing the sweet taste, quite tough, so when rolling with the other ingredients negligent broken status.


Of course, we can not only be enjoying rice paper. Instead of viewing it as food, is the most accurate visualization new materials properly. In the spring rolls with shrimp, boiled bacon on wild vegetables, beef with vegetables, ... or wrapped steamed fish served with vegetables,... then Vietnamese rice paper is an indispensable component.

And mentioning Vietnam rice paper refers to those rolls meat boiled wild vegetables. The fat in meat mingled in bitter taste of wild vegetables, rice paper rolled up in pieces, sweet and sour sauce added little, charming making customers remember.

Currently on the market there are plenty of shops, businesses offer this product. If you want to choose providers of traditional rice paper taste of Vietnam, please contact us.

Instruction for use:

Step 1: Take your spring roll wrapper and place it in your rice paper water bowl of warm water. You need to let the rice paper sit in the water for 10-20 seconds until it becomes pliable.
Step 2: When with feel ready take your spring roll wrapper out of the water.
Step 3: Begin to fill your wrapper with all of your ingredients by placing everything in the center, making a rectangle shape. Be careful not to overfill your spring roll wrapper because you won’t be able to roll it shut!
Step 4: Start by folding the top and bottom sides in. Starting on the left-hand side, stretch the wrapper around the pile of ingredients, tucking and rolling the paper under the pile just a little bit.
Step 5: Tuck those corners in and then continue to roll all the way, making your roll as tight as possible without ripping the rice paper wrapper.
Step 6: Enjoy with your favorite dipping sauce.



TANISA Co., Ltd , a strong brand in the market for the production and distribution of specialty products (rice paper, rice noodles...) and spices (seasoning) which exported to some countries such as USA, France, South Korea, Japan, Russia, Brunei...

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