Tay Ninh rice paper

Rice paper is one of the most well known of the famous food and specialty spices and seasoning powders that come from Tay Ninh Province’s Trang Bang District. Tinh Nguyen Company’s rice paper is one of the most prominent brands of rice paper originating from the Trang Bang District. Tinh Nguyen’s rice paper differentiates itself from other brands of rice paper through its unique process for manufacturing the product.
Rice paper is a standout amongst the most famous specialities of Tay Ninh Province's Trang Bang District. This is one of the popular brands of Vietnamese rice paper. This rice paper is altogether different from any created somewhere else due to its uncommon strategy for generation. 
Keeping in mind the end goal to make the heavenly rice paper, delightfully scented sticky rice is utilized and the generation procedure includes numerous stages. As a matter of first importance, the rice is washed and ground into flour which is then blended with water and salt to create a hitter blend. Next, the hitter is spread onto a fabric extended over a wide pot of bubbling water to make a twofold layer of rice paper. The rice paper is dried in the sun for one day and after that prepared in a stove, yet its shading remains white. At last, it is left outside overnight to retain mugginess. 
Vietnamese rice paper rolls
In Tay Ninh, the rice paper is regularly served in 'banh trang cuon thit heo' (stomach pork and vegetables wrapped in delicate rice paper) which is one of the neighborhood specialities of that zone. 
Not with standing the unique rice paper, the Southern-style vegetable fixings make this nutritious dish significantly more delightful. These incorporate sesame grows, ambarella leaves, basil, houttuynia and coriander, in addition to thin cuts of purple cabbage, star natural product, unripe bananas, cucumber and carrot. The dish is presented with a Tay Ninh-style plunging sauce.

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