This is for sharing about vietnamese rice paper which you can use to make not only spring rolls but also for other special foods

Rice Paper Rolls Recipe

Here is one of our most beloved dishes for any lunchtime or evening meal or even as a snack between meals. We call them fresh spring rolls. You might find them also called summer rolls or Vietnamese rice paper rolls. They are made up of a variety of cut vegetables and new mint leaves, which are rolled up in the rice paper and served with a hot, tart peanut dipping sauce. They are delightful and light, making them a great eating choice on a warm summer night! Click on the link below to get more details about how to make these wonderful rice paper rolls. It’s so easy to do.

Tay Ninh rice paper

Rice paper is one of the most well known of the famous food and specialty spices and seasoning powders that come from Tay Ninh Province’s Trang Bang District. Tinh Nguyen Company’s rice paper is one of the most prominent brands of rice paper originating from the Trang Bang District. Tinh Nguyen’s rice paper differentiates itself from other brands of rice paper through its unique process for manufacturing the product.

Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls with Shrimp

Made from a combination of delicious peaches, Vietnamese herbs, prawns, and stewed beans, Vietnamese rice paper rolls provide a quintessential lunch that is refreshing, light, and tasty.

Trang Bang Rice Paper – A traditional food of Vietnam

Trang Bang is one of the most well known and long standing communities in Tay Ninh province in Southern Vietnam. In spite of the fact that the community has transformed into a bustling urban center over the years, residents of this community have carried on the traditions of old and safeguarded the local recipes which locals have been enjoying for centuries. One of these dishes is Trang Bang Rice Paper.

The Ultimate Mixed Rice Paper Recipe

Vietnamese mixed rice paper (banh trang tron) is acclaimed for their heavenliness, as well as for the accommodation too. This stand-out dish can found at practically every road sustenance slows down in Vietnam (particularly in Saigon and Hanoi). Be that as it may, in case you're feeling like a sluggish bum to go out, you can thoroughly shake this mark dish at home. Prepared, set, go!